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Agar Agar Gudir Recipe @

A popular dessert during  fasting month made with agar agar powder and  coconut milk.

This Agar Agar Gudir tastes even better with addition of  gula melaka (palm sugar),  If using this sugar you need not add any coloring at all.

Bought a red color agar2 powder so I use white sugar.  Make sure to purchase a colorless pack if you intend to add palm sugar.

The secret to a perfect Agar Agar  Gudir are:

1.  Sugar must be dissolved completely and it should be rolling boiling before you add coconut,

2,  After adding  egg mixture, it should be boiled until  the eggs curdle into  tiny bits.  This would make your Agar Agar  into 2 layers and looks very pretty.

Agar Agar Gudir Recipe @

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Yield  :  12

12 g agar2 powder
1 liter water
250 g sugar
200 ml coconut milk
1 egg
pinch of salt
food coloring if needed
jelly mould

* Dissolve the agar2 powder with one liter of water in a deep pot.

* Add sugar and bring to boil, stirring constantly, add a drop of food coloring if needed, mixed well.

Whisk together coconut  milk. egg and salt.

* Now add the whisked  coconut milk and bring to boil again.

* Pour into rinsed jelly mould and let them come to room temperature.

* Place the jelly in a refrigerator to cool.

* Serve cool.

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