Monday, November 22, 2021


Prawn Biryani Easy Way Recipe @

 Nothing beats the aroma of biryani, whether it is Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani or Seafood Biryani. I have tried them except Prawn Biryani.

This Prawn Biryani Easy Way does not involves boiling of rice instead soaked rice is put over prawns and cooked until water evaporated. Sprinkle with fried onion, cilantro and ghee before closing the pot.  Did not add any coloring but you can do so by using yellow food coloring or few strands of saffron soak in hot water.

After that the pot with lid is placed atop tawa (cast iron pan), cook for 10 minutes using the lowest heat.

You can also use rice cooker for ease of cooking.  Transfer the cooked prawn into rice cooker, add in rice, salt and water,  After water evaporates sprinkle with fried onion, cilantro, ghee and coloring if you like.  Close the lid and continue cooking. .

Either way you choose, this Prawn Biryani Easy Way really satisfies your appetite and makes  you a happy man. 

Prawn Biryani Easy Way Recipe @

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