Saturday, March 5, 2022


Sweet & Spicy Prawn Recipe @

This Sweet & Spicy Prawn  is absolutely delicious  and  popular when you are eating out. It consists of  perfect balance of  juicy prawn coated with sweet and spicy sauce.

There are tons of recipe to cook this dish and choice of veggies you could add.  Normally bell peppers are used but  replace them with carrot and pumpkin  because these are  what I have at the moment.

Some do not add chili paste but this is optional and could be adjusted according to your preference.   When adding chili paste along with  onion, ginger, garlic and bird's eye  to the heated oil, make sure you stir fry until oil floats on top.  This takes about 10 minutes.  

Adding lemon grass is optional. Also sugar is not added as tomato and chili sauce are sufficient to sweeten this prawn.  Water could be added if you need more gravy so adjust accordingly.

Sweet & Spicy Prawn goes well with rice, flat bread,  fried rice or noodle.

Sweet & Spicy Prawn Recipe @

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