Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Chocolate Loaf Recipe @

If you're a fan of homemade  chocolate bread, this recipe is for you to try. This is a delicious yeasted chocolate loaf, that is not too sweet and has a deep chocolate flavor.

A generous amount of good quality unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate chips makes this loaf beautifully rich. The fantastic loaf does not need anything to taste delicious, just eat on its own. Not only that, this is a great recipe for beginner bread bakers, no complicated step to follow.

I had used chocolate rice (sprinkles) instead of chocolate chip and it turned out just beautiful. This recipe below makes a small loaf but it can easily doubled if needed. Also garnished it with silvered almonds for a nice touch.

Chocolate Loaf Recipe @

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Pecan Balls Recipe @

Pecan Balls Recipe @

These buttery  melt in the the mouth cookies are so scrumptious and not too sweet. At times other nuts such as almond, walnut and the like are added to the dough.

It takes a bit of your time for rolling this treat. I had rolled them into tiny balls. They are often served during Christmas, wedding or festive celebrations.

If you have a time,  dry roast or bake the pecan before grinding. This step is not neccesary but that really enhance the flavor of these balls.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Fried Vegetarian Rice Recipe @

Fried rice is an easy one pot meal by stir frying the main ingredient, cooked rice.  It is so versatile that you can add almost any vegetables and meat or seafood to it, either vegetarian or non vegetarian style. It tastes great as a meal on its own. .

For best result, make sure the rice is cooked and cooled beforehand so the grain will separate when frying.  Fried Vegetarian Rice  instantly create a delicious and satisfying  meal with amazing flavor and texture.

Fried Vegetarian Rice Recipe @

Monday, December 5, 2011


Stuffed Buns Recipe @

This is my son's favorite bread. He used to buy them from nearby bakery  during his school days. They are so fluffy with spicy filling, the way he likes it.

As his request, I had baked his favorite buns using the recipe below. They're exceptionally fluffy and so tasty even after the next day. The secret is addition of butter and dry milk to the dough.

This recipe is a keeper, you can vary the filling according to your choice either sweet or savory and make these amazing rolls for your family.

For perfect buns, make sure the stuffing is almost dry and be careful to seal the dough properly so as to avoid leakage during baking.

Stuffed Buns Recipe @

Stuffed Buns Recipe  @

Friday, December 2, 2011


These truffles with chopped nuts and sesame seeds are amazingly simple to make involving very few ingredients from your pantry.  This is perfect to satisfy your sweet craving almost instantly.

It is so delightful  to bite into these truffles.  You can vary what is going into making this quick dessert such as adding coconut, white chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee, raisin  or candy bars. The variation are endless.

Here, my combination are toasted nuts and toasted sesame seeds,  they are definitely a favorite for you and your family, so addicting and melt in your mouth. Serve these during the holidays or New Years for a special treat.


2 C   crushed semi sweet biscuits
1 C   condensed milk
1/2 C  toasted chopped almond/peanut/walnut
1/2 C  toasted black sesame seed
1 TB  unsweetened cocoa
extra white sesame seed for rolling


Place crushed biscuits, chopped nuts, sesame seed and cocoa in a mixing bowl. Combine well.

Now add the condensed milk, mix well to form into soft dough..

Roll into 1 in ball and coat with or without white sesame seeds.

Place in a refrigerator until ready to serve.