Friday, February 10, 2012


Savory Hand Pies Recipe @

Savory Hand Pies

Hand pie is an individual serving of a  buttery and flaky pastry stuffed with either sweet or savory filling. This also makes a great portable snack during  picnics or small gatherings.

They are so versatile that you can use your leftover chicken, meat,  veggies or even fruit preserve  as their filling. Hand pies  can be make well in advance and stored in the freezer.

It is so much easier if you grate the hard block of butter rather than to wait until you are able to cut them up. This way, it is easily incorporated to form a dough.

If you don't feel like messing with  veggies, you can opt for frozen mixed vegetables. It works great.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Nutella Yeast Bread Recipe @

A little twist to our regular yeast bread. This Nutella Yeast Bread  has mashed banana and nutella spread in it.

So easy to prepare and doesn't require kneading at all. What you need is a mixing bowl to combine and let it rise for about an hour before baking.

It  rose almost double when baking so make sure to use deep baking pan.  They turned out beautifully. Everyone loved it!

Nutella Yeast Bread Recipe @


Eggless Nutella Cookies Recipe @

Eggless Nutella Cookies Recipe @

Cookies are one of my family favorite tea time snacks. They are quick to make so does this Eggless Nutella Cookies. It is an easy recipe and  does not require chilling. The tasty combination of cookies dough with delicious nutella make them a yummy snack any time of the day.

They are healthier and make you fully satisfied.  I had used whole wheat flour and very low sugar but this is entirely up to you. The dough is so great to work with. If they are crumbly, add a tablespoon or two of milk. Roll the the dough by hand to get smooth ball then flatten slightly and top with almond flakes or other nuts  you have on hand.  They turned out amazing, crunchy outside but soft inside. Totally addictive!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Vegan Sweet Rolls Recipe @

A fluffy and amazing rolls that can be shaped in many ways. The dough is so great to work with. I turned them into a roll  stuffed them with  thinly sliced banana and chocolate chip.

Unlike the regular bread rolls, I didn't slice Vegan Sweet Rolls before baking but bake them as a loaf.

Within an hour, it is well risen and  baked beautifully.  Vegan Sweet Rolls were incredibly  well received, compliments all around.  A sinful combination and so light!
Vegan Sweet Rolls Recipe @

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Eggless Brioche Recipe @

This is a light and easy to make brioche recipe. The whole process is considerably shortened by eliminating  the sponge,  preliminary rising and chilling the dough. You can even use your bread maker to bake one.

Without much hassle, this dough turned just amazing as regular brioche but with less butter and without egg.  If you don't have  a brioche pan, the other alternative is to use your muffin cup,  they came out perfect!

Eggless Brioche Recipe @