Tuesday, December 8, 2009



A traditional kuih of South East Asian, made of rice flour, wheat flour and coconut milk. It is so crunchy and delicious. You need a special mould to prepare this fried snack. First the brass mould  is heated in hot oil before dipping  into the batter then drop into hot oil. It has mild sweet taste, need patience to prepare since you have to fry it individually but very addictive.


100g rice flour
100g wheat flour
50g sugar
175ml coconut milk
1 egg
oil for frying
brass mould


1. Whisk sugar and coconut milk until sugar has dissolved.

2. Add an egg, beat until well blended. Strain the batter.

3. Put in sifted flour, mix well. If too thick add more water.

4. Heat the oil, put in the mould to heat up. Remove the mould from oil and dip into the batter.

5. Drop the coated mould into hot oil. Shake to remove from the mould. If not you can use skewer to  remove.

6. Fry until golden brown, remove from pan and drain on absorbent kitchen towel.

7. Store in airtight containers.


A) For easy removal, dip batter to coat only up to 3/4 sides of the mould not all.

B) Use medium heat to ensure uniform cooking and avoid it to turn dark color.

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Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for your great recipe.
i've tried it and it tasted really good. but there were few things that i'm not satisfy and i wonder what went wrong.
there were a lot of bubbles on my kuih rose's skin. and mine were so oily. what should i do to avoid these to happen?



Thanks for trying this, I'm not an expert anyway would give some hints relating to the problem.

1. Bubbles form probably due to excessive beating of the batter.

2. Dipped the mould in hot oil then coat with the batter, use medium heat and immediately drain the kuih on absorbent paper after you have fried it.

Hope the above is helpful to solve your problem.

Do let me know if you need additional information.

April J Harris said...

This recipe reminds me of something my Aunt used to make, only her recipe was Germanic in origin and did not use coconut milk or rice flour. Your recipe sounds delicious - I just have to get me some moulds!

Rebecca Jean said...

This reminds me of my favorite Christmas treat. We call them Rosettes. My Norwegian grandmother makes them every year.

They certainly are addictive!

It seems this little gem is enjoyed all over the world.

Thanks for linking to Midnight Maniac Meatless Mondays.

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac

Treat and Trick said...

21st Century Housewife..Nice to know that your aunt have prepared almost similar to this. Does she use the same mould?

Rebecca Jean...Thanks for hosting dear. It seems that the same snack can be found all over the world perhaps with different names and or slight variation of ingredients used..