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Had enough sweet muffin and cookies now trying my hand on hot and spicy one. It seems my children love this changes. Isn't that sweet? From now on would gradually cut down using sugar from our diet. The muffin turns out so soft and delicious, gone in one sitting! Extremely overjoyed since they love this and keep asking to bake it again. I'm using carrot and hot dog but other vegetables or seafood could be added too.


2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped carrot
1/2 cup hot dog sliced
1/2 cup melted butter
1 and 1/4 cups milk
1 potato mashed
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 tomato chopped for topping
coriander leaves


1. Preheat oven @ 180 C. Sift flour, baking powder and soda bicarbonate.

2. Microwave carrot, hot dog and onion on high for 1 minute.

3. Combine together flour, salt and chili powder.

4. In a separate bowl, mix potato with milk then add butter, combine using the whisk.

5. Gradually add wet ingredients with the dry one together with coriander leaves, stir until just combined.

6. Pour batter into muffin pan and top with chopped tomato. Bake for 15 minutes.

7. Cool on muffin pan for 5 minutes, transfer into wire rack to cool.

8. Serve hot.


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Simplyfood said...

Congrats on your awards.Wishing you many more to come.
I love the concept of savory muffins.I have never tried these before but certainly will give it ago.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

I was surprised to see two ingredients in this: onion and carrot!!! Fantastic !! That was very creative.
Congrats on your award. Hope you get many more:-)

kitchen queen said...

congrats on ur awards and the savoury muffins is a new and a healthy concept.

Pam said...

What a great idea for it and they look SO good!

Congrats on your award!


Namitha said...

Yummy savory muffins...Congrats on your award

Sushma Mallya said...

Very interesting muffins,love the spicy version ...very nice recipe and a very nice change from the usual sweet muffins...congrats on your awards and i wish you get many many more for your wonderful blog

Abhilash said...


Thanks for the comments.
The muffins appear crisp and delicious

sayantani said...

very innovative. am in my hometown and my brother doesnt like sweet muffind. these are gonna be perfect for him. thanks for sharing.

Veggie Hut said...

congrats.. these savory muffins lokks gr8..

Kiran said...

Congrats on your awards.Savory muffins a great idea.

Priya Suresh said...

Spicy muffins sounds awesome...congrats on ur awards..

Daniela said...

Complimenti per i premi, e per questa ricetta molto saporita.
Ciao Daniela.

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Congrats on ur fantastic awards:-)))
And i so love savoury muffins too...way way muc....

Sarah Naveen said...

lovely, yummy muffins..
congrats on ur awards..

Gita Jaishankar said...

Love the spicy twist to the muffin...looks yum! congrats on your awards :)

Yat Maria said...

salam TNT

this is definitely a change from the usual sweet muffin..nak kena survey2 dulu ngan my kids if they wanna try this kind..thanks for sharing kak;)

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Morning kak! hru doing? First of all, congratz on the awards, U deserved them n more...:)

Now, pass me some muffins pls...hehehe! Tc dear!!! ;)

Suhaina said...

I love savory items very much.Must give it a try. Looks very tempting.
There are some awards waiting for u.Pls collect it from

Pavithra Srihari said...

congrats on your awards dear . I have an award too for you in my blog , Please collect it.

Hiperica di Lady Boheme said...

Hi dear, congrats on your awards! Delicious muffin's recipe. In my blog the awards for your! Kiss

Krishnaveni said...

congrats on your awards and muffins look great

Anonymous said...

esselamu aleykum,
my dear sister,lovely, yummy muffins..

Pete said...

Interesting, I would love to try out a completely new type of muffin taste... I am in for spicy food!

Padma said...

Nice savory muffins... congrats on your awards.


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your lovely comment and best wishes, hope to see you again...

Suhaina, Pavithra and Lady Boheme thanks for your sweet comment and sharing those award with me, will post them soon...

Hayatcemresi...waalaikkumussalam, thanks for your lovely comment... try this and omit the hot dog for vegetarian version, let me know the outcome ya...

gtyuk said...

that's a nice version of the muffins!! looks delicious!! congratulations for the awards, enjoy!!!

Lorraine said...

Congrats on the award. Love the muffins. They sound so good, like lunch in a muffin cup.

SathyaSridhar said...

congrats on ur all awards dear,,, soo interesting blog got nice recipes,,, muffin in different form than usual one,,,

Mary said...

I love this, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing it at Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week, Mary :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi.Following you from Melts in your Mouth monday. I am Marelie from i love your muffin..its a new twist and I am going to try it. Thanks

annies home said...

congrats on your award and love the muffins and the fact that they have veggies in them very cool

Anonymous said...

way to mix it up - I love savory items like this!!

This is PERFECT for my new linky party, Foodie Friday. Please stop on over and link up!

Treat and Trick said...

Bianca @ Walnut Avenue ...Thanks for stopping by and inviting me to join your party. Off to visit you now...

Kathryn said...

These look like they'd be a great start to any day! Yum! Please share your recipe with our readers by linking up at Muffin Monday. Thanks!