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Sago Cutlet Recipe @

This crispy savory snack recipe is made with soaked sago pearls and mashed potato. Sabudana Vada is one of  popular Indian food served during fasting. There are various combination to prepare it. In this case, mine was  prepared without peanut but using semolina instead.

After combining all the ingredients, it was shaped into small  round cutlet. It can be shallow or deep fried but I prefer shallow frying since it uses least oil.

Choose a healthy oil with higher smoke point such as canola, safflower or peanut oil.

Make sure the oil was fully heated before adding any food. To check whether it is ready, drop a small piece of  bread, it should be golden brown in 60 seconds.

Do not crowd the pan. Work in small batches. The temperature of the oil decreases as soon as you add food to it.

Heavy bottomed  cookware is best for frying. It allows to keep the temperature of the oil steady. A thicker bottom guarantees the heat will slowly warm up the oil.

Discard  your used oil if it smells rancid, strong  discoloration or excessive foaming around the frying food. Be sure to cool your used oil completely before disposing

Yield     :     20 cutlets

1 cup sabudana (sago)  soaked then drained
1.5 cups mashed potato
1 onion chopped (optional)
2 green chili chopped
1 tsp ginger minced
1/2 tsp cumin seed
1/2 tsp chili powder
1 tablespoon semolina
3 tablespoon chopped cilantro
salt to taste
oil for frying

Saudana Vada Recipe @


Wash sago,  soak in enough water for 15 minutes or  depending on the type of sago. Press sago between your finger if easily mashed, it is ready to use.

Drain out excess water and leave in a colander for 10 minutes. Mix in mashed potato, onion, green chili, ginger, cumin seed, chili powder, semolina, salt and cilantro. Mixture will be soft and sticky.

Saudana Vada Recipe @

Shape mixture into flat, round  patties.

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Slide in the patties, fry until golden brown on both sides. Turn them occasionally. Remove and drain on absorbent paper.

Serve hot with ketchup or chutney.

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Rafeeda AR said...

have never tried these... should some time... looks so crunchy...

Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself said...

These patties look simply brilliant :D


Unknown said...

Sabodana vada looks crunchy.

Janani said...

Nice snack I love it

Janani said...

Nice snack I love it

Vidya Chandrahas said...

My favorite vada..looks crispy and yummy.

Anonymous said...

That looks like something I would really like to eat.
Thank you so much for the recipe !!

Priya Suresh said...

I can munch happily some rite now,delicious cutlets.

great-secret-of-life said...

perfect evening snack

Hari Chandana said...

perfect teatime snack.. looks great!!

Home Cooked food said...

this is my favorite snack. nicely done.

Rosita Vargas said...

Absolutamente delicioso su aperitivo me encanta,abrazos.

Unknown said...

I am going to try your version. Thanks.

kala said...

Hey this cutlet looks so yummyyy def sago would be so yummyyy

mail4rosey said...

That's a nice combo of ingredients. Do you make your own sago or buy it? I haven't seen it in stores, but I haven't looked I could just be overlooking it.

The recipe sounds good.

Lita said...

Thank you for linking up to What'd You Do This Weekend?
These sound really good. Hope to see you next week.

Wishes for tasty dishes,
Tumbleweed Contessa

Katerina said...

Beautiful patties! I would love some of them on my plate!

Divya A said...

Looks perfect and yum, must be very crunchy... :) Nice delectable clicks..

Juliana said...

So interesting...sago and mashed potato in a patty...looks delicious, and I love the crispy layer.
Thanks for this amazing recipe and hope you are having a great week :)

Fluster Buster said...

I love trying new things and I can honestly say I've never tried sago, I wouldn't even know where to get it. I'm going to do a little research and then give it a try. Thanks for coming by and partying with us at Fluster Buster's Creative Muster.

Robin @ Fluster Buster

Unknown said...

Just found your blog!!
Now following.
looking forward to getting to know you and keeping up!

I am doing a free blog design giveaway. Check it out! :)


Kalyan Panja said...

looks delicious & mouthwatering!

Diane Balch said...

I will have to look for sago in our speciality shop.. thank you for sharing your delicious recipe with us on foodie friday.

Christine said...

That sure looks delicious!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer! See you tomorrow evening! :)

AG said...

Oh, how cute! :) These look absolutely delicious; I've seen sago but have never had a clue what to do with it! Thank you so much for linking up with me this week at Tasty Tuesdays! I’ve pinned this & shared it with my followers!

Jess said...

These look wonderful - not to mention being something that my kids would eat too! Can't wait to try it, pinning right now. :) Thank you for sharing at Tasty Tuesdays!

Unknown said...

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Torviewtoronto said...

delicious snacks looks wonderful

Jessica @ The Wondering Brain said...

What awesome ingredients! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend blog Party!

The Wondering Brain

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

That sounds like a lovely snack, looks fantastic!

Unknown said...

greattt... will try urs :) see my y Potato Cutlus ...