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Mutton Biryani Recipe @

Eid-ul-Fitr  is a day of forgiveness and joyous occasion  by strengthen  ties with people around you.   This is not complete without visiting and feasting.

It is a must for every household to offer a feast to their visitors.  The feast offered can be anything either main dish, sweets, flat bread or  even noodles.   It does not need to be elaborate,  any simple meal is most encouraged.   Always think about others who had nothing and avoid wastage.

This year I try this Mutton Biryani for my close relatives.   It involves a lot of work but I managed to do it all by myself.

The step require you to marinade the mutton with spices, yogurt, cilantro and fried onion for at least 12 hours.  The longer the better to allow all the flavor absorbed by the meat.

I have chosen slightly different method by cooking the meat until tender before layering the rice.   The mutton sold here is really tough hence this method is the best option.

Since the meat is already cooked and the rice is  1/2   cooked, need not to cook it much longer.  So glad my visitors enjoyed this Mutton Biryani  and some even asked for the recipe. .

Mutton Biryani Recipe @

Serves  :    8-10

1 kg mutton with bones trimmed excess fat
900 g  basmati/long grain rice
7  big onion sliced
4 medium tomato chopped
50 g cashew split into 2
5 in cinnamon
6  cloves
6  cardamom
1 tsp shahi jeera (caraway seeds)
5  tablespoon ghee/oil  (1 T to put on top of  each layer of rice)
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
2 bay leaves
pinch of saffron soaked in 4 tablespoon warm milk
water to boil the rice
salt to taste

10  cloves garlic
2 in ginger
7 green chili
3/4 cup cilantro
1/4 cup mint leaves

For the  marinade
1.5  cup yogurt
1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
2 tablespoon biryani masala
salt to taste
juice of  1 lemon
1/2  tsp garam masala
Ground ingredients
1/3 cup fried onion

2  tablespoon biryani masala
1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2  tsp garam masala


In a bowl, add all the ingredients for the marinate, coat the mutton  pieces well. Let marinate  for 12- 24  hours.

Fry onion sliced until golden brown.   Add  1/3 cup  to the marinade.

Rinse and soak rice for 30 minutes.   Boil a large pot of water, add in salt, 3 pieces cinnamon, 3 cloves, bay leaves, shahi jeera (caraway seed) and cardamom.   Add in rice, stir gently and let boil until rice is half cooked.  Drain and keep aside.

Heat 3 tablespoon of ghee/oil in a heavy bottom pot,  add in  balance of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and broken cashew.

Add in sliced tomato, when tomato turns soft add  chili powder, biryani masala powder, turmeric powder, garam masala.    Let stir  until fragrant.  .

Add in  mutton,   stir until  mutton  is well coated with spices.  Add  2  cup of water, stir and  cover pot and cook until it turns tender using medium heat.  Stir in between. If still tough, add more water and simmer  until  tender.

Using a bigger pot, place the cooked mutton at the bottom of the pan.   Place a layer of rice, sprinkle with fried onion, saffron water and cilantro. add a tablespoon of ghee..   Top again with the balance of rice, cilantro and fried onion.  Cover pot. Place a flat pan underneath the pot and place a pot filled with water on top.  Reduce the heat to lowest and let cook for 20 minutes.

Garnish with fried onion, cilantro  and serve hot with raita.

Mutton Biryani  Recipe @

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Rafeeda AR said...

Very flavorful! Mutton biriyani tastes best when marinated for really long, just literally falls off the bone and give the rice a lovely flavor...

Winnie said...

Happy Eid-ul-Fitr my friend!!
This mutton biryani looks absolutely DELICIOUS !!
All your time spent in the kitchen - definitely worth every minute :)
A festive dish indeed

Audrey said...

Mmmm! Look at all of those delicious spices. Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids #TastyTuesdays

Unknown said...

I have never tried Mutton before but this looks delicious!
Thanks! Michelle

Yasmeen said...

Yummy coincidence! I too posted a biryani recipe

Bushra Muzaffar said...

Yummy...I made mutton biryani too this Eid..but it was kachchi biryani where mutton is put on 'dum'. The biryani images here are droolworthy.

Jess said...

Wow...this is such a neat recipe! YUM!

I'd love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, and tips:

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

Unknown said...

Wow Very Good Looking and Tasty Looking Biryani I will try this at home and do u have a recipe of Arabic Fish Kasba ?

namak mandi ki chicken karahi recipe said...

i tried this recipe last weekend and my family loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

The Lazy Gastronome said...

Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party. Hope your week is fantastic!!